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  • More to Offer Than Other Clubs:

    8 Trap Fields

  • 5 Skeet Fields

  • 5-Stand Field

  • 100 yd Rifle / Pistol Range

  • Weather Protected Benches

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  • Convenient Location

  • Open Every Weekend and Selected Evenings

  • Our Regular Programs Include:

    Winter and Summer Leagues

  • Informal and Fun Shoots

  • Shooting Instruction

  • Registered Trap & Skeet Shoots (American & International)

  • Reduced Rates for Members

Skeet Shooting at Dewitt Fish & Game Club
Shooting a game of skeet at the Dewitt Fish & Game Club

Club History

Between 1930 and 1934, the DeWitt Fish and Game Club was founded with a meeting at Bedford's Black and White Restaurant in DeWitt. The club had about a dozen charter members including Gus Smingler (the first president), Jud Smith (the second president), Cal Hamilton (the third president), Ed Smigler, Leslie Judd, Louie Day, O.J. Hares, Bill O'Dell, Ben Avery, Holden Hills, Dr. Prescott, Tom Brown, Willis Prescott, and Ben Bedford.

The meetings were originally held in the horse barns of DeWitt Community Church, which were later converted into a recreation center. The center is now located at the corner of Erie Boulevard and Genesee Street.

The club spent two years planning and carrying out activities to buy two houses in downtown Syracuse that fit their budget. After dismantling the houses, they were transported and reassembled in their new location at Brockway Estates on Woodchuck Hill Road. The property was leased from W.H. Smith.

Over the next nine years, the club grew slowly but surely. Revenues primarily came from numerous banquets, social events, and Maxfield "machines".

In 1942, the club finally purchased its current site, which included the land on Woodchuck Hill Road previously leased from W.H. Smith. The members then moved the clubhouse, which is still part of the existing one, and built a 10x12 caretaker house. They hired "Swamper John" as the resident caretaker and guardian of the shell, target, and trap inventory.

Within two years, Curley Elbridge and Ben Haberie helped bring power to the club.

DeWitt spent the next 25 years establishing itself as the premier gun club in Central New York, hosting several state skeet and trap championships in the mid-1950s. In 1972, they launched their international program, which included six skeet fields and two trap bunkers.

The DeWitt Fish and Game Club has a long and rich history of growth and development. Since 1975, the club has expanded its facilities, including nine trap fields and six skeet fields.

While it's unlikely that the club will host another State Championship, it has had the honor of hosting several prestigious events such as the National Sports Festival, Police Olympics, Empire State Games, and both skeet and trap Zone competitions.

In conclusion, the DeWitt Fish and Game Club is a well-established club with a long history of competition and sportsmanship. Members should be proud of the club's achievements and are encouraged to participate actively.

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